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Yale Class of 2009

Lux et Veritas

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Welcome to the Livejournal Community of the...
Yale Class of 2009!
For God, For Country, For Yale!
Lux et Veritas

A place where future students of the Yale Class of 2009 can rant & mingle.
New Members are welcomed to join. Please fill out an application so that
the community may know you. If you are new, click the fourth link concerning joining this community.

Introductory Post

We want to know you!
Prospective major(s):

AIM Screen name:

Favorite Music, Books,Movies, et all:

Give us the scoop, what makes you you? In other words, tell us something awesome about yourself!:

Did you attend Bulldog Days?:

Post photos with LJ cut-
You can host photos here for free.
Copy the image source and paste it with the lj-cut coding
the coding is <lj-cut text="Pictures"> insert pictures here </lj-cut>

Yale 2009 Community Links:

1. AIM Screennames: HERE

2. Introductory Posts: HERE

3.Archived Polls: HERE

4.Joining this Community: HERE

5. AIM Chat Room:HERE

Useful Links:


2.Net IDs

3.Freshmen Website


5.Residential Life

6.Academic Calendar

7.Advising Resources

"Let's get down to business
To defeat...Har-vard.
Did you score one six hundred?
Or are you rich...and a tard!?"-kainiac